Pathways to the Future Trust (PTTFT) once again acknowledged three up-and-coming awardees at the Willory Agencies hosting held on Wednesday 8th March 2023. PTTFT trustee Janine Roberts presented the awards on the night to the delight of attending work representatives and family members of the recipients.

Jackson Hurihanganui from Shoreload and Propping Ltd completed an EMA – The Emerging Team Leader course.

“The EMA Emerging Team Leader course (provided by Pathways to the Future Trust) was an extremely helpful tool in my development as a young leader within our company and industry. It not only gave me the knowledge and skills to manage teams more effectively but also provided me with the confidence to take key learnings and apply them in real-life scenarios. I am extremely grateful to the RBA and Pathways to the Future Trust, to have been able to gain further exposure and grow my capabilities through the course”.

Michael Page from Sheet Metal Solution completed an EMA – Supervision – An Introduction course.

“I have been in a management role for the last decade and after all those years you tend to forget what it’s like to see things from the other side. The EMA supervision course I was sent on through the Pathways to the Future Trust award has given me a new perspective on different ways to help me deal with and manage different scenarios. This has proven to be quite beneficial to my everyday work life and reminds me that different people respond in different ways.  This enables me to implement new approaches to handling these challenges and finding new ways to keep my team motivated and efficient through their production in the workplace”.

Josh Earl – NZ Advice Group was provided with assistance to pursue his Level 5 Financial Advice Certificate.

Thanks to the support of Pathways to the Future Trust, I was able to pursue my Level 5 Financial Advice Certificate, which was necessary for my current job as a financial adviser at NZ Advice Group. As a financial adviser, I provide clients with valuable advice and guidance on financial matters, particularly in the area of life insurance products.

The assistance provided by Pathways to the Future Trust was instrumental in allowing me to pursue this qualification. It gave me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in my role as a financial adviser.

I am grateful for the support that Pathways to the Future Trust has given me, and I am proud of the progress I have made in my career. With the Trust’s assistance, I was able to achieve my educational goals and advance my career, and I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and knowledge in the years to come.