Stefan Crooks (PTTFT), Rosemary Francis (Mint Drycleaners), Dylan Missen (Foodchain) & Rob Woolner (BAPP) at the Holdson Hosting presentation

The Business Apprenticeship provides a practical, apprenticeship-style learning framework to employers and employees. Bite-sized learning mixes business theory and soft skills development, with on-the-job learning. We believe there should be a better way for businesses of all sizes and employees of all levels, to gain career development training. – Rob Woolner, Founder.

This year Pathways to the Future Trust collaborated with The Business Apprenticeship (BAPP), to offer Rosebank employers the opportunity for deserving employees to be part of the BAPP programme. The three worthy recipients were Dylan Missen (Foodchain), Rosemary Francis (Mint Drycleaners) and Jamie North (Spark Business Hub Waitākere).

‘I found the Business Apprenticeship Course very informative and flexible and managed to complete the work at my own pace that fitted into my work schedule. Learning about the importance of my own personal brand and how to work with a range of different people has helped immensely in my current day-to-day tasks at work’ Dylan Missen, FoodChain