Young entrepreneurs need support with every stage of their business development. From specific training in business practice to basic assistance with things like bookkeeping and perhaps even trade connected tools.

The Pathways to the Future Trust encourages and rewards young employees who contribute to the success of a business.

Established in 2007 as a joint venture of the Rosebank Business Association and the Rotary Club of New Lynn, its objective is to reward younger employees who show genuine leadership, good attitude and aptitude towards their employment roles.

The Trust’s objectives are:

  • To encourage pride of workmanship in all industries and vocations.
  • To provide employers with the opportunity to recognise employees who display the qualities worthy of recognition and the award.
  • To encourage favourable employer/ employee relationships and a sense of community pride in individual achievements.

West Auckland businesses are encouraged to nominate an employee worthy of recognition. Successful nominees are presented with a trophy at an awards function, held at regular intervals throughout the year, along with funding from the Trust to further advance their vocational careers.

Funding may be granted for contributions to vocational courses, text books or tools of trade, etc. In ten years, the Pathways to the Future Trust has contributed more than $200,000 to over 100 young people working in West Auckland.

And this is what some of our awardees say about Pathways:


“In 2013, I had the privilege of being awarded a “Pathways To The Future Trust” grant. I was honoured to receive the award, not just because it was in recognition of my workplace achievements, but also because it was an acknowledgement of my future potential. The grant provided me with the invaluable opportunity to undertake additional training which has extended my skills and assisted me to develop in my career.

This award has helped me to progress considerably in my career. I have developed from being an Audit Manager at UHY Haines Norton, when I received the grant, to been promoted to an Audit Partner thereafter. I have now been asked to act as a Trustee for Pathways to The Future Trust, thereby giving me an opportunity to give back. Just as its name suggests, the grant was instrumental in allowing me to follow my career path – as it has done for many other young people working in the West Auckland area.”

Bhavin Sanghavi

CPA (USA), CA (NZ), Licenced Auditor


“I believe that the Pathways to the Future Trusts awards are hugely beneficial to the community. The awards offer great opportunity to young people trying to get ahead in West Auckland and further their studies within their industry. Receiving this award last month was an honour and has helped me to put my future into prospective and give clarity into further study for where I would like to be in the next five years. I have chosen to use the funds towards a course which will help to develop customer service, understand thought patterns and how to deal with certain situations that may arise within my industry. I am hoping this course will provide more understanding around leadership and ultimately help me to get ahead and be recognised.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been presented an award, it gives me great confidence for the future ahead of me.”

Isabelle Stacey, MTF Henderson


“The EMA (Supervision – An Introduction) course was a great day of learning! It was very informative and good to get like-minded people in the same room to have open discussions about their learning and what they have learned through their own experiences.

Learning the different ways of thinking will help me with my current role by further understanding different ways to approach situations.”

Josef Hardenbol – Production Supervisor, Go Bake


“I absolutely loved the Dale Carnegie – Skills for Success program. We had so much fun over the three days working on our social and professional development, and I’ve come out of the course feeling confident and assertive. I use these skills daily, both in my working career and personal life, and can’t wait to see where my ability and expertise take me.”

Katie Wood – Sales & Admin, Willory Agencies Ltd


“Winning the award was a huge honour. I feel extremely grateful for this award as it has given me the chance to participate in a leadership and management course in various specialities throughout the year. Based on my participation in an entry-level leadership and management course, I’ve gained valuable insights into identifying various personality types and effectively handling them. This newfound understanding has proven to be an indispensable skill as I advance in my career within my organisation.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the Pathways to the Future Trust and wholeheartedly recommend other employers and employees to engage in the Pathways to the Future Trust programme.”

Sophie ElliottProject Manager, TPS New Zealand Limited


Pathways to the Future Trust Trustees

Bhavin Sanghavi, Director, Audit and Assurance Services

UHY Haines Norton (Auckland) Limited

Stefan Crooks, Director,

Westie Food Group

Janine Roberts, Accounting Associate 

Haven Accounting and Financial Services

David Priestley