We celebrated another three successful Pathways to the Future Trust awardees at the Fair Food hosting held on Thursday 29th September 2022.

Each of the deserving employees was accompanied by family and their company boss who witnessed them receiving a Pathways to the Future Trust (PTTFT) trophy presented by PTTFT Chairman Bhavin Sanghavi.

Both Josh Peden from Highwire Electrical and Heena Savaliya from Paramount Services completed an EMA Supervision (An Introduction) course.

Heena Savaliya from Paramount Services

To receive an award from ‘Pathway to the Future Trust’ was a privilege for me. It boosted my confidence and provided me the opportunity to explore myself and dig out my best working qualities. To me, it was not just recognition from my employer, but it was future potential to upskill my knowledge through the EMA Supervision course.

With the course completion, I developed my skills to communicate effectively with my team and motivate them to do their task. I am now able to handle complicated situations in tactical ways, and when opportunities arise, I am ready to jump into my future role.

It is a great gesture from Pathways to the Future Trust to motivate young people to take one step ahead toward their careers.  I highly appreciate the activities the trust does to support the West Auckland community😊


Tadgh Maher from Newton Cutting completed a BTNZ – Customer Service Excellence course.

I took part in the BTNZ Customer Service workshop which covered a range of topics regarding Customer Service. The course categorises ‘customers’ as both internal and external. The internal customers are your own co-workers whom you work alongside day to day, while your external customers are defined as the people that interact with your business externally. The course goes on to describe techniques and theories to help better understand each set of customers and how best to navigate your relationship with each of them. Since I completed the course, I have been working in the office in a more customer-facing role which I had not previously done, so having the knowledge from this course greatly boosted my confidence when interacting with customers and suppliers over the phone, by email, and in person. The key element I found most helpful when relating to my work was the section that focused on establishing customers’ needs and responding to requests. As I haven’t been in this role before, this section focused on honing your listening skills, how to ask the right questions and the importance of taking clear concise notes when learning new tasks.

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and felt it has aided my transition into this new role because of the teachings I learned and the confidence it gave me knowing I had some background knowledge on customer service. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future to support my professional development.


Josh Peden from HighWire Electrical – EMA Supervision – An Introduction

“I have found from my experience doing an entry-level leadership and management course that this has helped me to understand how to recognize different personality types and how to interpret and manage them. This has been a crucial skill to learn as I progress in my career and position within the company that I work for.

I am thankful for the opportunity that was awarded to me by the Pathways to the Future Trust (PTTFT) and encourage other employers and employees to participate in the PTTFT programme”.